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About us

Cozy Fair – Tour For All

Comfortable and easy, in other words COZY!

‘Fair’ is the marketplace of the travels in Italy and around the world by Cosy For You.

We all feel a bit ‘special’ in one way or another and all like to be taken into special consideration as people, customers, and tourists. But some people are a bit more special than others: the elderly, the physicallyy challenged, the injured, young mothers with small children ..

C4Y offers just those special services that make travel easy and comfortable for everyone. W e aim to be downright cosy! And this is what distinguishes the quality of our tourist services.

Once you become familiar with C4Y’s way of doing things and our ‘Accessible Philosophy’, you won’t want to travel with anyone else.

C4Y’s brand of ‘Accessible Tourism’ means extreme care for the areas in which we operate ensuring that they are safe, viable, understandable, usable and comfortable in their entirety.

A.T. means a smile that welcomes you and offers you what you need with simplicity and kindness.

A.T. means being on the move, visiting, traveling, having fun, getting a good night’s rest, enjoying fine food in a carefree environment with no unpleasant surprises, whatever you’re a’er and whatever your taste!

W e know what people want because we are ‘special’ like you.

W e sample all of our services in person before we share them with you to ensure excellence from your hotel accommodations, to / transportation, restaurants, and to the visits of every single place that we offer in our itineraries.

But what is most precious about what we offer is our land, Campania …

A region whose every kilometer offers a new and fascinating place to discover and whose mix of history, culture and nature are unique in the world! A land that lends itself to the enjoyment of life!

Therefore we can proudly say that life is easy,beautiful and carefree traveling through Campania with C4Y’! Lastly we underline the value and flexibility of our economic proposals, from two to five star packages. Even the number and variety of optional services (interpreters of signs, equipment, etc.) are available and affordable for every budget.

So what are you waiting for?

‘Do it yourself special’ tourism?

No way! Go C4Y!

Contact us and book the reservation.

suited to your dreams!


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