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Our Team

Our operational team is made up of qualified experts who have years of experience in the social, tourism and educational sector and have all worked at the ‘Peepul – alongside the disabled’ association, a voluntary non-profit social, educational sports organization that has helped us with training activities oriented towards the empowerment of the psycho-physical disabled, since 2002.

We are all proud to offer our services that make the most beautiful Italian and foreign areas accessible to all people. Our travel companions help people from all walks of life to discover the pleasure of traveling ‘comfortably and easily’ and never stop traveling, regardless of their psycho-physical conditions.

Thanks to our expert professional guides, even if people travel in large groups, like students, none of the participants feel excluded from any activity. Everyone is able to fully enjoy the beauty of the chosen destination and its history and thanks to an experiential approach everyone will be put in direct contact with the local culture and population.

Our ‘Personal home tour agents’ will show you directly at home the catalogs of tourist proposals with highly customized solutions, which satisfy individual desires, tastes and special needs. They will help you choose the right tours / trips for any budget with a long list of optional tailored services, additional components and extras for maximum comfort and fun.

Our technicians take care of the maintenance of our many EQUIPMENTS, including special ones, such as wheelchairs, scooters and to educate customers on how they work. In our operating group there are also LIS guides, interpreters and expert guides in tactile narrative paths for the visually impaired.

Our experts also cover the role of training the staff of a vast network of accommodations, restaurants, facilities and services in the most famous and sought after destinations, so that they know how to offer customers in general, and the elderly or disabled in particular, a reception of high quality and professionalism ..

The drivers of our cars and minivans are trained in helping to get all participants in and out of vehicles, including the elderly and the disabled.

Finally, we pay constant attention to monitoring service standards and selecting more accessible and convenient places with the collaboration of the most qualified architects, engineers and surveyors.

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