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Cozy For You is interested in marketing and selling the products – travels, excursions and services – of other partner companies TOUR OPERATORS ABROAD, making them available for customers to book and buy on the ‘Cozy Fair’ e-commerce platform, managed by the company Cosy for You assuming the legal role of intermediary towards them.

 Are you interested in selling your products and services (tourist packages, organized trips etc ..) carried out in your geographic area of ​​reference as a Supplier and to make them available to the public of customers through the platform?

In the positive case, download the agreement, fill it in and, sign and send us back .

We will send it to you countersigned.

We’ll send you also a layout model for the travels you are interested to sell through our platform.

We will then assign you a code that you can affix to each tourist product you sell to the customers of the platform.

This service is free and we’ll draw just a 10% commission on the total amount of any purchase of your tours , as you can read in the agreement.

We will sell your packages at the gross price which will include the net price you set, adding our commission .

The C4Y / Intermediary will be responsible for collecting payments from its customers for the ‘product sold’ and will pay the tour operator Supplier the net price  for each ‘product entered on the platform, retaining their own commission as an intermediary.

We will regularly send newsletters with all the news and latest products that you authorize us to promote on our communication channels.

We look forward to your every reflection and evaluation. Thanks for your cooperation!

Welcome among our partners!


You can write to us for further information :

Thank you and we look forward to cooperating with you.

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